Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thank You

I know I can't express all my feelings with words, but I'll write these words to you in a song 
On a sleepless night like tonight, I think of you 
It scares me to think about a future where I won't get to be by your side anymore
There are still so many things I have wanted to do for you 
But all I can think about are all the things I wasn't able to do 

And even on a dark and lonely night 
I know I'll miss your presence, and I know I'll miss you 
But all those beautiful memories we shared 
I am thankful it was all spent with you 

I know I cannot express all my feelings with words, but I'll sing these words to you in a song 
This road we're walking together may separate us just a little 
But I won't let it sway my heart, I'll continue to be myself and I'll keep trying 

No matter how many times the seasons changed
You were always there by my side
I’ll be waiting for the day when we get to meet again 
 Let's meet again soon, just as we always have

 I am thankful for you, and thank you for coming to me 
I've always wanted to say these words to you 
No matter how many times, I couldn't say it until now (those words) 
Thank you for the lasting memories, thank you for everything