Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quickie at The EX, CNE- Toronto, CA

The adventure to the Canadian National Exhibition, also known simply as The Ex or CNE was quick and efficient I would say. To spend only 2hours there and accomplish everything we wanted to was perfect.

Scoring discounted corporate rate tickets: Good, I like discounts.
Taking the TTC Bathurst streetcar there: Slow, but acceptable.
Watching Nick Carter perform on stage: Not my thing, but not terrible to say the least.
Paying $15 for two to ride one roller coaster: Crazy expensive but worth the 45 second thrill.
Didn't have to do any shopping there: Just my cup of tea.
Ending our night stuffing our mouth with deep fried butter: Health hazard, but so damn delicious.

With the CNE running, it really does only mean one thing is upon us, summer is soon ending; and living in Toronto, it means nothing but cold days ahead for the next nine months.

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