Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tree Trekking and Zip-lining

This was something I really had wanted to do, more so the zip-lining. I have seen others doing it and it seemed so exciting, so luckily Teambuy had a deal for $40 for a 3hr tree trekking and zip lining deal. The place we went to was at the Ganaraska Forest, east of Toronto, still a drive of over a hour. The whole experience was challenging, both physically and mentally. It was mentally tough to get over the fear of falling and heights especially as the courses continued getting more difficult, higher, and faster. It was physically exhausting too, especially not being in the best shape possible and having only almost four hours of sleep the night before. Right now I am still sore and aching a bit, and my hands are stung because I had not used gloves. I had so much fun at the zip lining portions, felt so free, and the adrenaline rush, but the landing/impact was always a bit frightening and rough. Unfortunately not too many pictures were taken of this experience and it was for the best friend's birthday gift which is something I could also benefit from hehe. After all, it was an enjoyable experience, I learned a lot about myself, being able to persevere through the pain and mental blocks, and drive on through to finish each course.

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